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Where to find me ?

On a day-to-day basis you can find me either at I2M (Luminy, building "Ancienne Bibliothèque Universitaire") or at FRUMAM (Campus Saint Charles, building 7, 2nd and 3rd floor), depending on the day.

AD: Thematic month

In February 2024 I co-organize a Thematic month about discrete mathematics and computer science at the CIRM in Marseille. The absolutely fantastic program consists in one week of research school and four weeks of conferences:

More information on the webpage: https://conferences.cirm-math.fr/3007.html


I am full-time researcher ("chargé de recherche") at CNRS, working in the GDAC team of I2M, at Aix-Marseille University.

Between computer science and mathematics, my main subjects of interest are tilings and computability theory, with sometimes a flavour of quantum computing. I am also very interested in complexity theory in general, with a special interest in the use of algebraic tools.

The page Publications shows research articles I worked on (published or to be published).

I also really like scientific outreach: giving talks, visiting classrooms, organizing small workshops with young students or children, ... Don't hesitate to contact me about it ! I also build stuff for this purpose.

You can also find my CV [en] [fr] (updated in September 2020).


I did my PhD in co-tutelle between ENS de Lyon (France) and University of Turku (Finland). For this PhD, I worked with Nathalie Aubrun and Jarkko Kari.

The page Études gathers some works done during my studies (mostly in french). They might be useful for students.

Personal stuff

Even if I am more interested by theoretical aspects of computer science, I am still tied to my firsts interests in informatics: programming, electronics, little hacks, ...

A long time ago I worked as tutorials reviewer on le site du zéro, I also helped in the launch of the website zeste de savoir. More broadly, I like everything around science vulgarisation: conferences, videos...

Oh, and I love taking pictures, climbing and cycling.

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