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Where to find me ?

On a day-to-day basis you can find me either at I2M (Luminy, building "Ancienne Bibliothèque Universitaire") or at FRUMAM (Campus Saint Charles, building 7, 2nd and 3rd floor), depending on the day.


I am full-time researcher ("chargé de recherche") at CNRS, working in the GDAC team of I2M, at Aix-Marseille University.

Between computer science and mathematics, my main subjects of interest are tilings and computability theory, with sometimes a flavour of quantum computing. I am also very interested in complexity theory in general, with a special interest in the use of algebraic tools.

The page Publications shows research articles I worked on (published or to be published).

I also really like scientific outreach: giving talks, visiting classrooms, organizing small workshops with young students or children, ... Don't hesitate to contact me about it ! I also build stuff for this purpose.

You can also find my CV [en] [fr] (updated in September 2020).


I did my PhD in co-tutelle between ENS de Lyon (France) and University of Turku (Finland). For this PhD, I worked with Nathalie Aubrun and Jarkko Kari.

The page Études gathers some works done during my studies (mostly in french). They might be useful for students.

Personal stuff

Even if I am more interested by theoretical aspects of computer science, I am still tied to my firsts interests in informatics: programming, electronics, little hacks, ...

A long time ago I worked as tutorials reviewer on le site du zéro, I also helped in the launch of the website zeste de savoir. More broadly, I like everything around science vulgarisation: conferences, videos...

Oh, and I love taking pictures, climbing and cycling.

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